Selected Writings on Art

Adam Fuss: Water, Bologna: Damiani Editore, forthcoming in 2018

“Mark Tobey,” Art & Antiques, forthcoming in January 2018

“Nancy Graves: The Naturalist,” Art & Antiques, September 2017

“Georges Seurat: Divided Distractions,” Art in America, June-July 2017

“Raymond Pettibon: A California Romantic,” Art in America, May 2017

 “An Improvised Community: The Abstract Expressionists,” Abstract Expressionism, London: The Royal Academy, 2016

Nabil Nahas, New York: Rizzoli, 2016

“Alan Shields: Then and Now (1973-2016),” Aspen, Colorado: Aspen Art Museum, 2016

“Carmen Herrera: Worldly Abstraction,” Art in America, December 2016

Kit White: Line into Form, London: Foliart, 2015

“MOULTINGSEXOSKELETIONSSHROUDS,” Robert Morris, New York: Castelli Gallery, 2015

“‘The Indispensable Thing Is Seeing’: The Paintings of James Bishop,” James Bishop, New York: David Zwirner, 2014

“Gaetano Pesce and the Art of Provoking Diversity,” Gaetano Pesce: Retrospective, Maxxi Museum of 21st Century Arts, Rome, June 2014

“Wayne Thiebaud: Transformative Realist,” Wayne Thiebaud: In Black and White, New York: Allan Stone Projects, 2014

“Likenesses: The Drawings of William Beckman,” William Beckman: Drawings, Columbus Museum, Columbus, Georgia, 2014

“James Brooks: The Unruffled Irascible,” Art & Antiques, November 2013

“What Is Art—And Why Even Ask?”  The Brooklyn Rail, September 2013

“Quick Things Passing: The Art of Alex Katz,” Alex Katz: New York/Maine.  Catalog essay for an exhibition curated by Carter Ratcliff.  Waterville, Maine: Colby College Museum of Art, 2012

“Art and Culture in the American Southwest,” Kindred spirits: Native American Influence on 20th Century Art, New York: Peter Blum Gallery, 2012

“Meaning Reborn: The Art of Genia Chef,” Genia Chef: Glory of a New Century, St. Petersburg: State Russian Museum, 2011

Conrad Marca-Relli: A Redemptive Order, Southampton, New York: Pollock-Krasner Foundation, 2011

“The White Paintings,” Richard Pousette-Dart: The White Paintings, The Phillips Collection, Washington, D.C., in 2010

“Rafael Ferrer: Theater of the Sublime,” Rafael Ferrer: A Retrospective, New York: El Museo del Barrio, 2010

“An Aqueous Cosmology: The Art of Fredericka Foster,” Waterway, exhibition catalog, Fischbach Gallery: New York:, 2009

“Serene and Riotous Light: The Art of Graham Nickson,” Graham Nickson: Meeting and Passing, Lillehammer, Norway: Lillehammer Art Museum, 2007

“Marisol: The Crowded Looking Glass,” Marisol 1960-2007.  Catalog essay for an exhibition curated by Carter Ratcliff.  Neuhof-Edelman Gallery, New York, 2007

“Collage in the Postwar Era,” Collage, Fundació Joan Miró, Barcelona, 2006

“What Evidence Tells Us about Art,” Art in America, October 2006.  A revised version of this essay was published in Larry Sultan and Mike Mandel, Cologne: Walther König, 2012

“Ion’s Tears: Notes on Poetry and Art Criticism,” Critical Mess: Art Critics on the State of Their Practice, ed. Raphael Rubinstein, Lenox, Massachusetts: Hard Press Editions, 2006

James Rosenquist’s Hot Contradictions,” James Rosenquist, London: Haunch of Venison Gallery, October 2006

Donald Sultan: Theater of the Object, New York: Vendome Press, 2008

Andy Warhol: Portraits, London: Phaidon Press, 2006

Hantaï in America, New York: Paul Rodgers 9/W, 2006

“Robert Smithson,” Art in America, October 2005

“Charles Hinman: Fields of Possibility,” Charles Hinman, Boca Raton Museum of Art, 2004

“Georgia O’Keeffe and ‘the Great American Thing,’” Georgia O’Keeffe, Kunstshaus Zürich, 2003

“American Sublime: Barnett Newman,” Tate Magazine, September-October, 2002

“Barnett Newman’s Perennial Now,” Art in America, September 2002

“Thomas Eakins,” Art in America, July 2002

Out of the Box: The Reinvention of Art, 1965-1975.  New York: Allworth Press, 2001

“William Blake: The People’s Bard,” Art in America, September 2001

“The Sublime Was Then: The Art of Barnett Newman,” The Sticky Sublime.  New York: Allworth Press, 2001

“Joe Brainard’s Quiet Dazzle,” Joe Brainard: A Retrospective.  Berkeley: University of California Art Museum, Berkeley, 2001

“Jackson Pollock’s American Sublime,” Art in America, May 1999

“The Violet Hour: An Essay on Beauty,” Uncontrollable Beauty.  New York: Allworth Press, 1998

Francis Bacon, Humlebaek, Denmark: Louisiana Museum for Moderne Kunst, 1998

“Max Beckmann and the Weight of History,” Art in America, January 1997

The Fate of a Gesture: Jackson Pollock and Postwar American Art, New York: Farrar, Straus Giroux, 1996

“The Sibylline Modernism of Pablo Picasso,” Art in America, October 1996

“Ellsworth Kelly’s Curves,” Ellsworth Kelly: A Retrospective.  New York: The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, 1996

“Jackson Pollock and American Painting’s Whitmanesque Episode,” Art in America, February 1994

“Big for the Eye: The Drip Paintings of Jackson Pollock,” Jackson Pollock: Drip Paintings on Paper 1948-1949.  New York: C&M Arts, 1993

“The Erotic Dimension in American Art,” American Art in the Twentieth Century.  London: The Royal Academy of Art, 1993

“Gilbert & George: The Fabric of Their Words,” Gilbert & George: The Singing Sculpture.  New York: Anthony McCall, 1993

“Ways to Be: The Self in Contemporary Art,” Breakthroughs: Avant-Garde Artists in Europe and America, 1950-1990.  Columbus, Ohio: Wexner Center for the Arts, Ohio State University, 1991

 “Barnett Newman: Citizen of the Infinitely Large Small Republic,” Art in America, September 1991

“Painting’s Constitution: The Art of Jacques-Louis David,” Art in America, May 1990

Komar and Melamid. New York: Abbeville Press, 1989

“The Work of Roy Lichtenstein in the Age of Walter Benjamin’s and Jean Baudrillard’s Popularity,” Art in America, February 1989

“Leon Polk Smith,” Leon Polk Smith: 5 Decades of Geometric Invention.  Youngstown, Ohio: The Butler Institute of American Art, 1988

“Dandyism and Abstraction in A Universe Defined by Newton,” Artforum, December 1988

“The Transformed Object,” Sculpture Inside Outside. Minneapolis: Walker Art Center, 1988

“Lynda Benglis and Keith Sonnier,” Alexandria Museum of Art, Alexandria, Louisiana. 1987

“The Adventure of the Third Essay: Further Notes on Travel and Tourism,” Artforum, June 1987.

“‘I Like the Free World’: Further Notes on Travel and Tourism,” Artforum, February 1987.

“‘Bagpipes on the Shore’: Notes on Travel and Tourism,” Artforum, October 1986.

“Dramatis Personae, Parts I-V,” Art in America, September-November 1985, February-March 1986.

Gilbert & George: The Complete Pictures 1971-1985.  CAPC Musée d’Art Contemporain de Bordeaux, 1986

Pat Steir: Paintings.  New York: Harry N. Abrams, 1986

Jan Groth.  New York: The Guggenheim Museum, 1986

Robert Longo.  New York: Rizzoli, 1985

“Andy Warhol: Inflation Artist,” Artforum, March 1985

“Frank Stella: The Artist as Image Administrator,” Art in America,” February 1985

“Robert Graham,” Robert Graham: Studies for the Olympic Gateway.  Los Angeles: Arco Center for Visual Art, 1984

Andy Warhol.  New York: Abbeville Press, 1983

“Willem de Kooning and the Question of Style,” Willem de Kooning: The North Atlantic Light.  Amsterdam: Stedelijk Museum, 1983.

Jean Dubuffet: Partition 1980-81; Psycho-Sites, 1981, New York: Pace Gallery, 1983

John Singer Sargent.  New York: Abbeville Press, 1982

“Dali’s Dreadful Relevance.” Two parts, Artforum, September-October 1982

“Joseph Cornell: Mechanic of the Ineffable,” Joseph Cornell.  New York: Museum of Modern Art, 1980

“Gilbert & George and Modern Life,” Gilbert & George: 1968 to 1980.  Eindhoven, 1980

“Starlust: Andy’s Photos,” Art in America, May 1980

“Robert Smithson,” Art in America, January 1980

“Art Criticism: Other Minds, Other Eyes” (Six parts), Art International, intermittently, April 1974-January 1975

“Painterly vs. Painted,” Painterly Painting, eds. Thomas B. Hess and John Ashbery. New York: Art News Annual, 1971


Have published over nine hundred full-length essays in a variety of magazines, including Art in America, Artforum, Art International, Artnews, Arts, Art Presse, Connaissance des Arts, Flash Art, Artspace, Art & Auction, Parkett, Architectural Digest, New Art Examiner, Picture, Modern Photography, Aperture, Print Collectors Newsletter, Tate, Modern Painters, Sculpture, and others; and in  museum publications, including those of The Ministry of Culture (Madrid), Kunsthalle (Basle), Moderna Museet (Stockholm), Museum  Boymans-van Beuningen (Rotterdam), El Museo del Barrio  (New  York),  Fifth Biennale of Sydney, Rijksmuseum Kroller-Muller  (Otterlo), The Sursock Museum (Beirut ), The Walker Art Center (Minneapolis), Maryland Art Place, Baltimore; The Herbert F. Johnson Museum (Cornell), the St. Louis Museum of Art, The Madison (Wisconsin) Art Center, The Contemporary Arts Center (Cincinnati), The Renaissance Society (Chicago), The Museum of Contemporary Art (Chicago), The Brainerd Art Gallery (SUNY, Potsdam), Institute of Contemporary Art (Philadelphia), The Galleries at Moore College of Design (Philadelphia), The Goethe Institute (New York), Hunter College/Times Square Gallery (New York), and others.



Published in The Times Literary Supplement, The Los Angeles Times Book Review, Art in America, Art International, Artnews, Artforum, Flash Art, Art on Paper, Sculpture Magazine, Art & Auction, Saturday Review, Architectural Forum, The Brooklyn Rail, Art & Antiques, and elsewhere.


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